Brands I Like And Links.

This will morph as I remember things I like. 😉

Some running gear links:

Inov-8 are my shoes of choice: While I’m not exactly a bare-foot runner, I’m on my way there. I’m working towards a mid-foot strike, and these are definitely helping. I’ve never had a problem with their fit and quality. I also like the fact that they’re a British brand.

I’ve recently switched to Hoka One One for the added cushioning for my longer runs. The Challenger ATR3s have done me well so far, as the speed-goats were just too narrow for my feet.

For road shoes, I’ve been recently wearing Zoot shoes since 2015. They don’t last that long (although having said that I’ve been wearing a pair for just over a year, the outer mesh split after about 300 miles, but I’ve continued wearing them for another 350 miles without a problem), but they are comfy!

I’ve recently started trying out Altra running shoes. Zero drop, but with cushioning, and a big toe box to let your toes splay out as they should. I’ve recently run a marathon in them, and had no problems at all. The cushioning I thought at first wasn’t enough, but having done the marathon I think they’re fine. Probably my favourite shoes in my armoury.  They don’t feel as cushioned as the Zoots, but the Zoots have a more of a pronounced arch on the instep, which, frankly, my feet don’t!

I have a hotchpotch of clothing which I’ve bought over the years. I still wear a shirt and shorts first bought when I started running seriously a dozen years ago! Although a couple of pairs of socks have gone by the way-side, I still like to wear Thorlos. I rarely get blisters wearing these.

Cycling Links:

Sorry, but I’m a label tart in this respect – you cannot, repeat CANNOT beat for wheels and chain sets. I may explain why in a blog at some point in the future.

Frames – for my money produce some very good competitive frames.

Race Nutrition:

Having dipped my toe into Ultra races, I’ve been looking at nutrition and race fuelling. Whilst I’m normally a ‘proper food’ person (you can’t beat a good banana or a bun on a run), I’ve been using Tailwind  nutritional products for some races. They’ve worked well for me.

I’m also a big fan of Nakd bars, which are really simple in their ingredients.


Race Links:

The following race organisers are worth a mention: – Ultras – Mad Marathons and Ultras. is another event worth doing.



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