This blog is about me, and what I get up to. Sometimes I may write about what I think as well, but mainly I’ll keep it to fun stuff about running and cycling.

So, why the ill-prepared runner? Well, with one exception, my past four long races (ie. marathon distances and beyond) have been done with training plans torn asunder by injuries at inopportune moments, or just bad planning; yet I have not produced a single DNF.  But please don’t think of this as pride in the achievement, more relief and bafflement that I managed it!

So, I call myself a gentleman runner, in homage mainly to those F1 race car drivers of old who, rather than it being their day job, would pay to drive and race. I have no real ambitions to be at the front of a race, more to experience the world as I run past it with a number on my chest, or as it runs with me, and in as many different places around the world as I can.

I’m a big believer in exercise curing ills both cerebral and physical, and also prevention. You can’t beat a dose of Vitamin D, as well as the satisfaction of finishing a good run or bike ride!


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